We are also specialized in design and build comprehensive data center for our customers. The scope of work includes:

  1. Project design and analysis
    Provide consultancy services on the project subject to the site information and requirements of the customers.
  2. Project implementation and management
    assure smooth implementation of the project and co-ordinate with different work parties.
  3. Quality assurance and control
    Keep check the quality to the desired level.
  4. Maintenance service provision
    provide preventive maintenance and emergency services to ensure round-the-clock operation for the customers.

Detailed services provided include:

  1. Flexible Access Floor System & Modern Cable Management System
  2. Structured Cabling System
  3. Comprehensive Electrical Supply
    Power Distribution System
    Uninterruptible Power Supply System
    Generator Set Power Back-up
  4. Sophisticated Smoke Detection and Fire Fighting System
  5. Effective Security Control and Surveillance System
  6. Intelligent Central and Remote Monitoring System
  7. Precision Controlled Air Conditioning System
  8. Accurate Water Leakage Detection System